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The Era of Discovery Has Begun!

Valerica is a pulp-action-inspired fantasy setting. The setting is that of a world nearly mastered by mankind, where scientific development has led to invention of aircraft, and the discovery of that which has remained hidden for hundreds, if not thousands of years. (Valerica is also the name of the sub-continent the setting is most focused on.)

Fantastic SCIENCE!

Science in Valerica is soft and cinematic. Rayguns, jetpacks, and flying fortresses the size of islands are all possible with the proper engineering and applied knowledge of mechanics and electronics. Science is the future in Valerica, and the world rushes to embrace each new advancement.


There are no wizards in Valerica, there are only the thandi, individuals who have made pacts with otherworldly entities in exchange for unnatural powers. Each pact is unique, with its own abilities, and its own price; as each thandi must make sacrifices to maintain and grow their unique talent. In some, these sacrifices become too much, and they become little more than monsters, consumed by their bargains.

UNCANNY Persons!

Humans are not the only intelligent life in Valerica. Several other aware species exist, though they live apart from human society, lurking in the dark underground, in exotic stone ruins, or in ancient forests. Each was once great in their own ways, and many of their kind seek to rise up and be so again.

Two-Fisted ACTION!!!

Valerica is a place for heroes. Each day, ancient threats are uncovered and new plots are hatched. Spies and saboteurs escalate the world closer to war. Gangsters rule the streets as sky pirates make the airways unsafe for decent men and women. Every day, another plot is hatched from greed and avarice, and another adventuring company is founded to do good works for profit; the powerful take advantage of the weak, and another individual who has seen too much evil takes to the streets for vigilante justice!

Home Page

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